6 weeks primal day 19

Whoa I’m almost halfway there already!! I cheated a lot this week, I had all sorts of stuff i wasn’t supposed to have, but it wasn’t gratifying at all. I felt really bad on Thursday of last week, and I got some fake oreos from whole food, but ate a few and decided to throw the box away. I feel like that is a small victory, as opposed to binge eating and making myself sick. As well, my stomach flips out each time I eat something I’m not supposed to.

I went to the doctor today, and weighed 213. Last time I weighed myself this summer I weighed 220. That’s not much of a difference, but I have had more tangible evidence that I am getting smaller. I am using a smaller belt notch, and one of my friends noticed I looked smaller. I have also noticed myself that I am smaller which is awesome.

Something not so great that happened, is that my doctor repeatedly said that I was ‘heavyset’ and only asked if I exercise, which I do. It is irritating because this is my first time seeing her, and she doesn’t know what I am or am not doing to lose weight. On one hand it made me feel like shit, but on the other hand I was like I need to go hard and be perfect, and up my exercise so when I see her again in two weeks, I’ll have number evidence that I am doing something right with my life.

I’ve been eating more meat. At this point I’ve only tried chicken and pork. I don’t feel guilty about it anymore, but I still prefer some sort of seafood. I have also been drinking a lot less.


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