6 weeks primal day 10

I’ve been super bad about posting everyday. I’ve thought about it every day but I haven’t done it yet. I’ve been eating pretty well. Yesterday I had some food that had a couple pieces of sweet potato in it that I ate, and I’ve had some honey greek yogurt a couple times.

As far as how I’m feeling, I am coming out of my cold finally. I love that I can be hungry, but not feel like I’m gonna die if I don’t eat immediately. I also like feeling in control of what I put in my body. On Monday, I even craved an apple! I’ve been eating a ton of salad.  That is only because I don’t want to do any extensive cooking, and salads are easy.

Before I started, my stomach had been incessantly upset, but almost immediately everything returned to normal. This weekend, I think the combination of drinking and taking dayquil did a number on me though, but that is my own fault. On Friday night I had quite a few drinks (A bottle of 6% APV wine, with 2 shots worth of rum, then two mojitos while I was out), and when I was out I had a cheese quesadilla that was more like an empanada. I totally didn’t think about what I was and wasn’t supposed to be eating. I need to work on not drinking as much. However, before I was having wine most days of the week, really just because I could (I just turned 21 a couple months ago), but my stomach doesn’t like it.

I’ve still been eating mostly fish. I only eat once or twice a day though, so its not like I’m having 12 oz of fish a day, but I’ll have it maybe once or twice, but sometimes I just eat eggs or some nuts or fruit. I tried some chicken on Tuesday. I got it from the hot bar at Whole Foods. I felt so incredibly guilty. I was vegetarian for four years, then last October started eating fish. I felt bad because I didn’t know for sure where the chicken came from, and whether it had a decent quality life. Also, it just felt wrong. I did get nauseous after, but I don’t know if it is because of the chicken or that I recently stopped my antidepressant after tapering for a little bit. Either way, I’m not sure about the meat thing. I thought because I loved fish I’d wouldn’t mind eating other dead things, but it just messes with my head.

All day today I’ve really wanted to cheat. I have kept reminding myself that I’m doing six weeks. I also don’t own a scale or intend to get one. I was bouncing around between 215 and 220 this summer, and I am going to the doctor next Friday, so maybe they’ll weigh me there.


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